The Cost of Fire for Business - Reduce the Risk of Fire

Fire safety has huge implications for any business. Estimates suggest that as many as 60 per cent of businesses affected by a fire cease trading within three years of a fire. Apart from the devastating impact on a company’s finances, the human cost can be even higher.

During recession the impact of fire on a firm is also known to be greater. The hidden costs relating to loss of data, materials and the loss of working time can mean that recovery from a fire is an uphill struggle and one that many firms simply cannot cope with. Ultimately the best way to protect against the impact of a fire is prevention and correct training in fire risk assessment and procedures is one investment that all firms should consider.

Good Housekeeping and Common Sense

While common sense, good working practices and simple good housekeeping in the workplace all contribute to preventing fire, training in Fire Safety and Risk Management for key managers and supervisors is extremely important.

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is a nationally recognised qualification that provides a thorough grounding in good practice and in management of fire risks. Apart from the obvious advantages of having staff trained to nationally recognised standards, the NEBOSH certificate aims to create and foster positive and proactive attitudes to risk management and to create safer working environments.

Reducing the Risk of Fire

National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) was established in 1979 and has charitable status. The board is responsible for creating the standards, syllabuses and for setting methods of assessment for the qualifications. The organisation does not directly implement the courses – which are run by private firms across the UK. Most firms offer a range of options for course delivery and will, in most cases, offer training at dedicated centres or in-house if required. The latter is normally most suitable for firms who have a large number of staff to train, while training at the provider’s premises is usually suitable for smaller numbers or individuals.

Investing in Training

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is normally suitable for individuals who have previously taken the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. The training involves two sections; the first looking at safety and management of risk, with the second focussing on fire risk assessments.

The ability to create practical fire risk assessments and to quickly spot risks and deal with them is crucial not only in preventing fire but in ensuring that your staff are equipped to do so efficiently.

In terms of investment the fire certificate will make the process of risk management more efficient (and robust) which will save time on the task of managing fire risk and should ultimately reduce the chances of fire in the workplace.

Fire Safety Courses

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