Complaints Procedure

Policy Statement

Envico are committed to providing exceptional service to all those individuals and organisations affected by its operation. Complaints are an inevitable aspect of any business, which we treat seriously and make every effort to handle within an acceptable period of time without prejudice. As part of our commitment to continual improvement, a robust complaints procedure is an essential element.

Definition of a Complaint:

For this procedure Envico are defining a complaint as a written record of dissatisfaction, about the standard of service provided or not provided by Envico. As an intermediary the complaint may indirectly refer to any business with whom Envico have a trading relationship.

This definition does not include a comment provided by individuals, requiring a simple remedy to a minor problem.


The objectives of this complaints procedure are to ensure that:

  • All clients of Envico have a proper place for a complaint to be lodged.
  • All complaints will be investigated by the Director.
  • All complaints will be processed in the most expeditious way.
  • All complaints will be interrogated without prejudice.
  • All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and only discussed with those involved.
  • All justified complaints will have corrective measures applied, to ensure lessons are learnt.

Making a Complaint

Please contact us to request and complete the ‘Complaint Form’.

The complainant will receive a written response within 48 hours as to how their complaint will be dealt with and who is dealing with it. A unique Complaint Number will be allocated to each complaint. The nature and complexity of the complaint will be the determining factor as to how soon a written response will be sent. If the complaint concerns a third party, an allowance will be given for them to fully investigate the nature of the complaint and respond accordingly. We will look to provide an official response within 15 working days. The complainant will be notified in writing of any delay.

If the complaint is justified, the client will be contacted with options to resolve satisfactorily. If the complaint is not considered to be justified a full written report will be provided indicating the reasons for this decision.