First Aid in Emergency Situations

No one knows when someone will fall ill or become injured because of an accident. When you're at work there needs to be a person who is able and prepared to cope with these emergency situations. Therefore it is so important to provide first aid training to those who will be called upon to help in emergency situations. With the right training they will be able to cope with many different types of injuries and illnesses with professionalism. Training will also reduce the risks of panic in stressful times.

An Ideal First Aid Course for Appointed Persons

First aid training will help train those who will be expected to help in emergency situations. There are many great courses available, and the employers should make sure they send the right people on the most appropriate courses.

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is ideal for anyone who is new to the role of Appointed Person within your organisation, or who has never been on any training course to learn skills which could save lives. You can also send candidates who may be required to cover the absence of the Appointed Person to ensure a trained person is always available. The candidate should however only be employed in an industry which is considered to be low risk, such as in an office environment or retail store.

What You'll Learn During the Emergency First Aid at Work Course

The Emergency First Aid at Work course will provide you with the training to deal with medical situations such as people suffering from shock, if they are bleeding or have been wounded. The training also goes into fractures and broken bones, dislocations and soft tissue injuries as well as burns. You'll learn how to deal with these injuries and what the procedure is when it comes to calling for additional help from the emergency services and recording the details. At the end of the course, which is completed in one day, the candidates will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance. After the short course there is also the choice of continuing the training even further with the First Aid at Work training that lasts for three days and offers more detailed training on a larger variety of situations.

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