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Within the confines of any industry, it is important to have somebody who is trained in first aid techniques. It is a mandatory part of health and safety in any business, and it means that if you do happen to have an injury in the workplace, the first aider can help to make sure that you are safe and secure until the injury has healed, or until a medical professional can provide further assistance. We offer you a selection of different online first aid courses, making sure that you have access to different skills.

First Aid Course in the UK

There are many organisations in the UK that offer first aid courses, such as the British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, and the NHS. These first aid training courses typically cover a wide range of topics, including basic life support, CPR, and the treatment of injuries and illnesses. Some organisations also offer specialised courses, such as first aid for children or first aid for specific industries.

Available Online First Aid Courses

We have put together a good selection of online first aid courses. Let’s take a look at some of the different options that are available here:Introduction to Basic First Aid. Get to grips with basic first-aid here, as you tackle some of the most important fundamentals of providing first-aid to people in the workplace.

CIEH Introduction to First Aid

  • This CIEH Introduction to First Aid training provides learners with the skills and knowledge to deal with first aid situations in low-risk work environments including shops and offices.
  • Basic Life Support

  • On this Basic Life Support course you will learn what to do in the event of a life-threatening emergency including how to make sure someone remains stable until an ambulance can reach you.
  • First Aid Awareness

  • This First Aid Awareness course provides an understanding of the basic aid that can be given and the information to be gathered whilst waiting for trained assistance. The learner will learn of the immediate actions that can be taken should someone become ill or is injured.
  • An Introduction to Basic First Aid

  • An Introduction to Basic First Aid course describes what first aid is and why it is important. It also provides sufficient information for the user to be able to apply first aid safely and effectively to different types of casualty.
  • Paediatric First Aid

    • The aim of the Paediatric First Aid course is to equip you with the theoretical knowledge, skills and confidence you need to deal with paediatric first aid situations. It covers all of the key topics including: emergency planning, assessing a situation, basic Life Support, CPR, shock, fractures, bleeding and a range of other minor illness and injuries.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to making sure that you get the best results possible, we have a few different types of first aid courses that have various difficulty levels. There are some options that have a completion time of half an hour and are very simple, but other courses that require hours of study and are more complex. This means that you can easily chop and change courses depending on your preferences, as well as the lifestyle that you lead.

    Why Book With Us?

    • Take a look at what we offer to anyone who does a first aid training program with us:
    • Wealth of Experience. Naturally, we have a wealth of experience in the industry as a company that has been functional since 2003.
    • Consumer-Oriented Values. The values that we hold as a business are very firmly geared towards you as the customer. We believe that you should get the best training at the lowest prices, so everything we have done since 2003 has been to facilitate that goal.
    • Our online first aid courses attract discounts for bulk license purchases. Look out for the ‘Bulk Pricing’ tab in search results and course description pages.
    • No Study Restrictions. We know how important it can be for you to be able to study at your own pace, which is why you can complete the courses regardless of whether you have a laptop, mobile, desktop computer or even a tablet.

    Further Your Education

    The job market is very competitive these days. You have to stand out from the crowd or you’re not going to get access to the positions that you want. Being qualified in first aid can help to stand you in good stead amongst your competitors.

    Compare Online First Aid Courses

    Course comparison is a very important aspect of what we offer because it gives you the chane to take a look at what is available and then make a proper decision based on it. We give you access to a selection of different first aid courses, as well as the criteria to judge them all, so you can make an educated decision.

    Ready to Help

    We know how important a practical, up-to-date knowledge of first aid and all of its different requirements is, so we actively encourage you to take a look at our courses. If you have any questions or queries about the type of resources that we offer, you are more than welcome to get in touch with a member of the team for more information by calling 0808 1966 830.

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