Improve Your First Aid

There are many areas that need improving constantly to remain effective. One of these is first aid and first aid training within any organisation. While you may think about improving your marketing or working on customer relations it's important to look internally and check all your health and safety issues are taken care of, including first aid. As an employer you have to perform a first aid risk assessment and act according to the findings.

One of your new year resolutions for your business could be to re-evaluate your first aid risk assessment and bring everyone up to scratch on the latest reforms in first aid. If you are a well-established organisation think about the last time you appointed anyone to the role of first aider. Have they had any training since? Do you know if their certificate is still valid? What about the first aid kit? Is it all still in good, sterile condition? Do you need to restock some of the supplies that have been used throughout the year? You may also have some items that have expired.

Make First Aid a Priority

When you return from the Christmas break make the first aid of your business one of the first jobs to attend to. You may require training for new members of staff; it is possible that the refresher courses are required too. There are lots of excellent first aid courses to consider, such as the HSE approved First Aid at Work.

This is a course that will deliver lots of excellent techniques and skills required for all sorts of incidents and accidents that can occur in the workplace. The course covers all sorts of information such as:

  • How to recognise illnesses
  • The Laws and Regulations
  • How to treat several injuries such as burns, fractures and concussion

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