Even Basic First Aid Training Can Save Lives

People can be taken ill or suffer injuries at work. It is important that immediate medical attention is given to help lessen the impact of injuries or prevent death. First aid training is designed to provide you with basic medical skills that could save lives and reduce the impact of injuries. An introduction to basic first aid training can save lives so it is essential that all businesses have first aiders in the work place.

Can Anyone Learn First Aid?

Basic first aid courses covers some simple yet effective medical skills. Nearly everyone will be able to learn basic first aid skills. This is valuable basic medical training that can be used both in the workplace and in the domestic environment. First aid trainers can provide emergency assistance that could make all the difference when waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

There are a number of different first aid courses available for workers. A basic first aid course can be completed in just one day. Topics covered can include basic resuscitation, dealing with bleeding injuries and treating shock. These skills could be very important if an emergency occurs in the workplace. First aid training can save lives and can help to de-escalate potentially fatal situations.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Don’t put off first aid training. This is an essential requirement for any workplace. Without this vital skill in place lives could be put at risk and businesses could also be breaking the law. The Health and Safety Regulations state minimum legal requirements for first aid in the workplace. Failure to comply with this legislation could lead to prosecution. The employer has a legal requirement to provide ‘adequate and appropriate’ first aid for those taken ill or injured in the workplace. This applies to all businesses from large corporations down to self-employed persons. You will need to review the regulations and see what is required from your business.

A proper first aid assessment should be carried out to determine what training and facilities need to be provided. For example self-employed workers are required to make adequate first aid provisions for themselves. If they travel on the road frequently then this could be in the form of a transportable first aid kit and basic first aid training.

Emergency First Aid at Work Training

Health and safety training course options are widely available online. This is a good way to quickly search for the right training for your business needs. Start off by asking for volunteers to attend first aid training. If no-one comes forward then you may need to assign this training to a suitable candidate yourself. Emergency First Aid at Work training is a good starting point for many businesses. This provides a comprehensive one day training course to impart basic first aid skills to employees. This course will cover basic skills including:
  • Understanding health and safety regulations
  • Effective management of work place incidents
  • Treatment of unconscious casualties
  • Basic resuscitation
  • Treating shock
  • Dealing with choking and seizures
  • Treating bleeding injuries

The course will also cover common accidents and injuries that can occur at work. This can include cuts, breaks and head injuries. This will involve a combination of classroom based teaching and also practical learning exercises provided by experienced trainers. The trainer will assess each candidate and provide a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Complying with Health and Safety Regulations can save lives. Find first aid course options online now to reduce risk and manage hazards in your workplace.

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