49 Cases of Food Poisoning

Besides the obvious legal requirements for food safety training, there is another point to consider. In the news recently one newlywed couple and many of their guests were left with an extreme bout of food poisoning after eating pate served at the wedding reception. The newlyweds had gone on their honeymoon only to fall ill and spend their time being extremely ill in the bathroom. Not quite the romantic dream of any bride and groom.

Affected by Food Poisoning

When the couple returned they came home to find out they weren't the only people affected by the food poisoning. The guests who chose the chicken liver pate at Nicola and Alex Hamil's wedding also fell ill, a total of 49 people. It turned out that the pate was undercooked by the staff at Letchworth Hall Hotel. The couple thought something was wrong when they sat down for their meal, and asked the employees if everything was okay on two occasions. They were reassured that the Pate was fine, even though it tasted differently compared to their tasting session when they selected the dish.


The hotel has since been fined a total of £8,300 after environmental officers discovered that the Food Standard Agency Guide and the hotels very own policy had been breached. The hotel was also ordered to pay £3,870 in court costs. Mr and Mrs Hamil are now considering suing for loss of earnings and personal injury.

Reputations, Lives and Finances are All Affected By Poor Hygiene

This case highlights the legal and moral duties businesses in the food industry have to their customers. Not only has the food positioning cost the hotel thousands of pounds, with potentially more costs to pay out in the near future, a couples honeymoon was ruined, and many others attending the wedding had their lives disrupted by severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea for up to five days.

Food hygiene courses are essential for anyone responsible for preparing, storing and serving food to the public. There are many excellent courses available which will highlight the need for safety in the kitchen, teach about temperature control and food contamination and ensure your employees are aware of how to avoid the risks.

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