Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - Protecting the Nation

Health and Safety in the UK is a controversial issue. This legislation can be complex and complying can cost businesses time and money. However the facts are startling and show just how important modern Health and Safety legislation is when it comes to protecting the nation.

The Health and Safety Executive supervises and administers the implementation and compliance of Health and Safety legislation in the UK.
  • Since the Health and Safety Executive was set up 35 years ago the number of fatalities at work has dropped by an incredible 82%.
  • This means literally thousands of lives have been saved by the creation and implementation of modern Health and Safety standards in the UK.
  • The number of injuries at work has also dropped thanks to the efforts of the Health and Safety Executive.
  • In the last ten years alone the number of injuries reported at work has fallen by 14%.
  • This not only benefits workers but employers as well as less people are taking days off sick due to injuries at work.
  • Great Britain is now one of the safest countries for workers in the world and has had the lowest fatality at work rate in Europe for the last five years.

The Health and Safety Executive's Mission

The Health and Safety Executive’s mission is to prevent work-related fatalities, injuries and illness. To do this the executive uses cutting-edge research to understand potential risks to employees and what measures are required to control hazards and risks. It is also the job of the Health and Safety Executive to monitor employers and ensure they are complying with relevant laws and legislation. This body has the power to prosecute and take action against employers who may be putting their workforce or the general public at risk. This involves inspecting workplaces, serving improvement notices and prosecuting those that break the laws.

Creating a Culture of Positive Health and Safety Standards

The Health and Safety Executive work to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses in the workplace by raising awareness of Health and Safety issues. This executive produces a wide range of publications (many of which can be downloaded for free from HSE website) designed to educate employers and employees about Health and Safety issues. This executive body also provides professional advice on Health and Safety issues. Frontline staff specialise in various sectors and industries from offshore pipelines to construction and agriculture. This ensures that accurate and expert advice can be provided for all businesses and situations when it comes to assessing and managing hazards and risks. The Health and Safety Executive aims to make sure legislation is as clear and workable as possible to lessen the burden on businesses when it comes to compliance. This can help businesses to ensure that they are providing a safe working environment and complying with all the relevant laws and legislation.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Workplace processes and industrial practices are constantly changing and evolving. This means health and safety legislation also needs to change to keep up to date and ensure the best standards are in place. Businesses will need to keep up to date with changing health and safety guidelines. Seek professional advice from independent health and safety experts and keep in touch with the Health and Safety Executive website. This will help to make sure you have all up-to-date advice you need to keep on top of Health and Safety in your workplace whether you are a director, manager or employee.

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