Hazards in Food and Drink Manufacturing

While food and drink is strictly controlled to be safe for the public to eat, it can be dangerous to consider the industry low risk as far as health and safety is concerned.

There are many hazards found in the industry and that is why food safety training, such as the courses offered by the CIEH, is essential. Not only do the courses cover information regarding the safe way to prepare food they also highlight areas of risk and how to reduce those risks through safe working methods and management.

The best way to improve the health and safety in any kitchen or food factory is to provide information, advice and safe working methods to everyone in the premises. Building a strong health and safety culture is also essential, as this will allow the safety to become second nature for everyone involved.

What are the Hazards

Here are some of the most common hazards in the food industry that can result in injuries, poor health and even cause workers to lose their lives:

1. Occupational asthma and dermatitis
2. Hearing loss
3. Stress caused from work
4. Musculoskeletal injuries
5. Manual handling
6. Slips
7. Machinery
8. Falls from height
9. Transport
10. Silos
11. Being struck by objects

You can encourage a strong culture in your work premises by:

  • Providing training
  • Use the guidance offered by the HSE
  • Learning prevention techniques for the main hazards
  • Reviewing your current health and safety practices

Health and safety courses can be completed quickly and effectively if they are taught with the help of professional tutors. Some of the food safety courses last for one or two days and will certainly benefit all of the candidates and teach them about the risks and basic health and safety skills. You can also send staff that are more senior on more extensive and detailed training courses so you can be sure that the management and supervisory teams are skilled in helping to prevent the hazards from claiming victims in your workforce.

If you would like to learn more about the food hygiene training available please contact our team by calling 0808 1966 830.

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