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People love to moan about health and safety in the UK. A common phrase used in everyday language is ‘health and safety gone mad’. This is used to describe situations when people are overly cautious about safety issues and go to sometimes silly extremes to negate perceived risks. The reality is that the fast and easy way to do things may not necessarily be the safest. Health and safety guidelines require businesses to take responsibility and put in place new practices and measures to make things safer. This can add a little extra time or work to certain processes which can make some people view health and safety in a more negative light. However no matter how you personally feel about health and safety the basic fact is that it saves lives, thousands of lives every year in fact.

The UK is now one of the safest places to live and work thanks to the efforts and cooperation of everyone when it comes to complying with health and safety regulations.

Health and Safety – What’s the Point?

Health and safety laws were not designed to make life difficult for people. Instead they aim to look at certain environments (such as the work place or shared public spaces) and identify potential hazards. Once these have been identified measures are then put in place to reduce the risk of accident and injury.

The point of health and safety is to protect people and provide safe, low-risk environments for them to live and work in. Health and safety can generate a lot of paperwork but the simple fact is that this paper pushing does save lives and reduces the risks of accident and injury.

What Happens if I Don’t Comply

There is no doubt about it, health and safety is a very serious issue. Lives are at stake and so the penalties for non-compliance are high. The Health and Safety Executive (the overseeing body for health and safety in the UK) has the power to prosecute and fine businesses and individuals found not to be complying with the law. This means you do need to take health and safety very seriously and put steps in place to make sure your business and workforce are complying.

How Can I Learn More about Health and Safety?

Many people can benefit from health and safety training in their careers. This is such an important issue that supervisors and managers in a wide range of industries cannot afford to be without some kind of health and safety training. This will help them to identify potential risks and create safer working environments for staff and visitors. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) can offer extensive training in this area.

NEBOSH Courses

Training employees with NEBOSH courses can be an effective way to improve the safety of your workplace. These trained individuals will help you to make sure you are complying with the relevant health and safety laws. You can find NEBOSH courses quickly and easily online. This is a fast and effective way to look for comprehensive training in health and safety. With a NEBOSH course you can be sure that you are getting the latest training in health and safety to boost your skills and career prospects.

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