Healthy Opportunities for Graduates

Making the move from university to employment is not an easy step for anybody starting out on a new career. With jobs scarce and training budgets tight employers are keen to take on those with relevant industry experience, rather than invest in un-tried employees. Additional vocational or professional qualifications in your area of interest are, perhaps more than ever, essential. For those working in HR and the Health and Safety fields (or hoping to) IOSH training and membership can provide just the edge that your CV needs.

What is IOSH?

IOSH is an internationally recognised Health and Safety body; they are the only chartered body for professionals working in Health and Safety in the world. IOSH accredited training sets a global standard for creating workplaces that are safe and healthy. The fact that IOSH is recognised across the globe makes their training (and membership of the body) attractive to aspiring (and established) Health and Safety professionals, as it opens up, quite literally, a world of opportunities. Courses and membership of the body are not only internationally recognised but offer valuable additional experience for those just graduating from university, putting safety issues into context in a practical way.

Available Training

Training in a huge range of industries is offered by IOSH accredited providers; these include managing safely – qualifications that can be suitable across most industries. IOSH courses are also designed featuring specific training for specialist areas including everything from catering to construction. Management level course for HR and Health and Safety professionals are particularly appropriate and those seeking work in the industry should consider gaining these qualifications.

Professional Bodies and Membership

HR and Health and Safety professionals can apply to become members of IOSH; those who are in the process of ending their university careers can also apply. There are different levels of membership to the organisation and these reflect different levels of experience. The basic level of membership is ‘affiliate’, which is open to anybody.

For those graduating (or who have already graduated) the option for graduate membership is likely to be the most appropriate. Grad IOSH, as it is known, is designed for those with degrees relevant to Health and Safety, but without direct experience working in either Health and Safety or HR roles. If you do already have some experience working in either of these fields it may be possible to apply for technical membership. The IOSH will assess your qualifications and/or experience to determine your membership level and you can apply to change this as you progress in your career. Some IOSH training will also allow you to change the level of your membership – and doing so can increase your chances of successfully finding employment. Whatever stage of your career, IOSH accredited training and membership can be a crucial asset to develop, or kick start, your career.

Grad IOSH qualifications and IOSH membership offer a useful way to add value to your CV.

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