How Can I Learn with NEBOSH?

NEBOSH provide a huge amount of health and safety training courses. They are a great awarding body to choose as all of their courses are certified and accredited. This means that each of the qualifications are well worth having, the education you receive will be excellent and organisations will benefit by choosing you to work for them. Employers are also recommended to send their employees on such courses to help show compliance with the health and safety laws.

What NEBOSH Courses Can I Choose?

The NEBOSH course that you choose will depend on several factors:
  • What qualification do you need?
  • What level of training have you previously received?
  • Do you want a career in health and safety or do you simply need to know how to follow the laws and become an asset in the health and safety culture within an organisation?
  • Would you like to receive face to face training?
  • Would e-learning or distance learning be more suitable?

If you are an employer it is also important to ask the same questions to those who require sending on training within your organisation. Once the right NEBOSH course has been chosen the most important question is what type of training should be considered.

Classroom, E-learning or Distance Learning

Classroom courses are excellent if the candidate needs to complete the course in a short period of time. Many of the courses can be completed in under a week, the syllabus is covered by a tutor and the assessment is sat after the training has been received.

If the candidate is new to the workplace or has a new role within the organisation the instant training could be the most suitable option. Distance learning and e-learning are an excellent option if it is not possible to set aside a certain amount of days for training.

With the distance learning and e-learning course you are provided with approximately six to twelve months to complete the syllabus. It's possible to train in work for an hour or so at a time, or train at home after work has finished for the day. When you complete the course materials is up to the candidate providing they complete all the course materials and the assessment by the set date.

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