How Current is Your Health and Safety Training?

When is the last time that your workplace received current health and safety training? If the last time that you can remember training in your workplace was several years ago, you might want to consider scheduling an update.

Health and safety training is not something which you can do once and then forget about it. It is something which needs to be constantly kept fresh and up to date.

Why Training Should be Frequently Updated

There are many reasons why out of date training should be updated. Here are some of the major factors to keep in mind:

Employees Will Forget

Let's face it, if you learned the proper procedure for CPR three years ago and have never used it since, do you think you would be able to remember it if your co-worker went into cardiac arrest? If we don't use information every day, our brains quickly disregard it. In order to make sure that the information is fresh in everyone's minds, you should perform health and safety training regularly in the workplace.

Safety Procedures Change

The tools that you use and the way that you perform your work might have changed since the last time you took a health and safety course. There should be a new course scheduled so that everyone in the workplace knows how to perform the new tasks in the safest way possible.

You Leave Yourself Liable

If an employee injures themselves in the workplace due to improper safety procedures and they can prove that you have not provided health and safety training which has been updated as required, they can make a claim against the company. The company will end up having to compensate them for their medical treatment as well as the time spent off work.

To make sure that you don't leave yourself open for liability, your training should always be up to date. These are just a few of the important reasons why training is very important and should be kept up to date in the workplace.

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