Understanding Health and Safety Regulations

All business environments are subject to regulations and legal factors regarding health and safety. However, some industries will find it easier to manage and monitor health and safety. For example, a small business which is based in an office would find it easier to maintain levels of health and safety because only a small amount of risk is involved in the work that is being carried out.

Although for any office based business, health and safety should be a high priority, there is no denying that there are other industries such as construction which require a greater concentration on health and safety. In industries like construction there is a greater emphasis on health and safety because there is a higher amount of hazards and risks inherent in the type of work carried out than in other industry areas.

Those who work in construction have to deal with dangers which can affect their health everyday and therefore it is important that procedures are put into place to create a safe working environment to minimise risk.

Construction health and safety training is a key factor in helping to reduce the amount of accidents and fatalities which occur in the construction industry and hence this is why employers should invest greatly in their health and safety measures.

Investing in Health and Safety

A business cannot be successful if its owner does not invest greatly in every part of the business model. Health and safety is a critical component of any business and therefore it is paramount that business owners understand this. By providing sufficient training and support regarding health and safety, employers can feel confident that their workforce is able to work safely and that their business adheres to the legal regulations regarding safety in the workplace.

Which Health and Safety Course Should You Invest in?

There are many health and safety courses which are designed to train different members of your team to understand health and safety and their relationship with these regulations regarding their job role. These training courses are offered by certified and accredited training providers and include NEBOSH, IOSH and CITB courses amongst others.

The CITB offers popular courses such as the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) and the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) which are designed to support supervisors and managers in managing health and safety on construction sites. The supervisor is a course which is designed specifically to train supervisors in understanding their relationship with health and safety. Over two days it teaches them how to follow procedure and to maintain levels of safety in their specialist industry. This course is popular in industry because it is recognised by BuildUK and the Health and Safety Executive.

If you are a manager then you should consider completing the site management course. This is a five day course which is valuable in giving managers the skills and knowledge that they need to manage health and safety practices. The course also covers a manager’s legal responsibility and explains to them the importance of following protocol at all times. Every business should invest in health and safety measures to ensure that the business adheres to laws and regulations. All business managers and supervisors should complete training and exams to ensure that health and safety is maintained in the workplace.

Health and Safety Courses

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