Start Promoting a Strong Health and Safety Culture

Health and Safety has to be managed as a team. As a business owner you will need to be aware of your legal duties. You'll need to delegate some of the jobs down to your managers and supervisors and work together to create a safe working environment. In addition to this all of your employees need to be made aware of their own responsibilities and how they can contribute to your policy and procedures.

In order to make sure you have a strong culture it is necessary to provide at least some basic health and safety training to all of your employees. The NEBOSH Award Health and Safety at Work course is designed to help promote a strong health and safety culture in your workplace. It is a qualification that can be used for international audiences. You can use this as the perfect introduction in these issues before leading on to further qualifications such as the NEBOSH General Certificate.

How Does Your Organisation Benefit from the Training?

If you send your employees for the NEBOSH General Certificate or thee NEBOSH International General Certificate you will benefit greatly. If you have international branches to your company it is up to you to ensure the health and safety is upheld throughout the entire organisation.

The training ensures that all the attendees know about risk controls and how to work to reduce incidents and accidents. This will work and save your company money, helping you to avoid legal problems and work to keep everyone safe while working for you.

At the end of the training all of the delegates will be tested. The assessment includes a practical risk assessment along with a multiple choice exam paper. Those who are successful will receive certificates for each of the units.

When you run international business you must consider the need for health and safety training. While laws may differ you still have to work hard to keep employees safe from harm and to help reduce the costs that follow injuries, sickness and fatalities at work.

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