Debunking Health and Safety Myths

Health and Safety is a contentious issue in countries like the UK. Most people do understand the need for Health and Safety laws to protect workers and the general public. However some of these laws can place restrictions on employers and working processes. This can generate more work and cost in some instances and so Health and Safety is often seen in a negative light. Some of the negativity surrounding Health and Safety is due to misunderstandings though.

Many stories are told about ‘Health and Safety gone mad’. This can occur when Health and Safety laws are taken out of context and used in ways that seem arbitrary and illogical to others. In many cases these stories are simply myths that seem plausibly enough for them to persist. Health and Safety is an important issue that should not be clouded by myths and negativity.

There is no denying that modern Health and Safety laws have been responsible for the massive decline in work place accidents and deaths in the last 30 years. Without these laws workplaces and public environments would be much more dangerous places.

Health and Safety Myths Debunked

It is important to train all your staff properly in Health and Safety. This will help to keep everyone informed and debunk many of the popular myths. There are many courses in Health and Safety available throughout the UK so you should have no problems finding the right training for your employees. Here are just some of the common Health and Safety myths explained.

Myth 1 - It's So complex you need a health and safety consultant

Larger and more specialists businesses may need the help of Health and Safety experts. Health and safety consultant services would certainly like you to think you cannot take care of this issue yourself. They want your businesses and so will try and convince you that health and safety is best left to the experts. However if you run a small office based business then you can easily take care of health and safety yourself. You can get training for your staff and carry out your own risk assessments. The HSE can also offer lots of free help and advice on their website.

Myth 2 - You don’t need to secure loads for short distances

Accidents can happen over any distances. If you are moving a load then you need to make sure it is firmly secured, even if you are just transferring it a few metres down the road. There are a number of risks to you, your workers and the general public when it comes to unsecured loads. More than 1,000 people are injured every year due to unsecured loads so don’t put yourself, your workers or the general public at risk.

Myth 3 - The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is always banning things

The media does like to accuse the HSE of arbitrary decision making. There are always stories floating around that they have banned all sorts of silly things under Health and Safety laws like school ties, candy floss or toothpicks. In reality the HSE has only banned a few very high-risk things over the years such as asbestos, which was found to be killing as many as 4,000 people every year. The HSE work hard to prevent work-related injury, ill health and death in the UK. Since the HSE was set up over three decades ago the number of people killed at work has fallen by over two-thirds. Keeping your staff informed about Health and Safety has never been easier.

You can find a wide range of health and safety courses that will provided the training you need.

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