IOSH Construction Training Opportunities

There are some fantastic courses which are suited for managers and those in supervisory roles within the construction industry. The construction industry is one of the high risk industries when it comes to health and safety. There are thousands of accidents and multiple fatalities which arise each year on sites in the UK. These figures can only be reduced through the provision of health and safety training courses such as those awarded by IOSH. With training the managers and supervisors can learn about the legislations which apply to them as well as discovering how to improve the safety on site and how to manage risks. Workers depend on training to ensure that they are aware of how to spot hazards and how to comply with the law. Reducing risks is just one of the skills which are taught by the courses such as the IOSH Managing Safely in Construction.

What is IOSH?

The IOSH which awards the Managing Safely in Construction certificate are the chartered body for health and safety professionals in the UK. They have been awarded with the NGO status by the International Labour Organisation and have over 40,000 members worldwide. Gaining a qualification from this body is an ideal way of gaining a fully recognised and respected qualification.

What is Covered on the Course?

If you choose to have tutor led training you will receive your education directly from a professional. If you have problems understanding any of the topics the tutor will be on hand to assist you. This is often more suitable for those who learn better under classroom conditions. All of the candidates will leave understanding codes of practice and health and safety legislation. They will understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace including clients and be able to put precautions in place to reduce the risks from hazards. Other topics which are covered include:

  • Risk assessment and risk control
  • Construction hazards
  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Active monitoring
  • Consultation with employees
  • Identifying training requirements
  • Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions

Training through IOSH is an excellent way of ensuring you are aware of the health and safety responsibilities you hold within the construction industry.

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