Performing Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a requirement of all employers and the self-employed by law. Before you begin the assessments it is important to consider whether or not you are competent. The Health and Safety Executive states that in order to be considered as competent you must have the necessary skills to do the assessment, having knowledge and some experience. If you are the owner of the business you do have the option to delegate the task, but the person you choose must also be competent and so health and safety training is a distinct advantage.

What Has to Be Included in the Assessment

When you create an assessment you have to consider what the risks are, what you are currently doing to reduce them and any further steps that you can take to reduce them further, or eliminate them entirely. In order to do this you have to consider the people that are being affected by the job you are assessing. You will need to ask them for their input and look at how the job is currently performed. If you have five or more employees you will have to keep a record of the assessment as proof of your activity.

What Risk Assessment Training is Out There?

You have a few options when it comes to training in order to learn skills for making risk assessments. You could choose to attend a short course in a classroom setting or alternatively you could opt for more flexible learning such as distance learning and e-learning.

Risk Assessment Courses

On these occupational health and safety courses you will learn all about how to perform risk assessments as well as reviewing the procedures and recording the findings. The courses cover multiple topics that will benefit you such as how to identify the hazards, applying safe systems of work and fire risks.

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