Makeshift Platform Caused Serious Injuries to Contractor

Health and safety training is one way that the construction industry can help to reduce the risks. The industry is known for being one of the most high risk industries and therefore training is essential. It provides ways of solving problems before they arise through risk assessments and careful planning.

One firm in Essex has recently been fined £12,000 for failing to provide training or to carefully plan out some work at height. While working in Colchester a contractor for Adhere Industrial Tapes was seriously injured after the lack of health and safety planning resulted in an accident.

The incident occurred after the workers made a makeshift platform for the contractor to stand on while replacing a light fitting. A cage was placed on top of a truck and the man stood on the cage while he was lifted into position by the driver of the truck.

Multiple Issues Resulted in Worker Falling Seven Feet to the Floor

Sadly the cage toppled off the forks and the contractor fell seven feet to the floor. He suffered with many fractures to his leg, wrist, skull and back. Almost one year after the incident and he is still undergoing treatment and using crutches to get around.

The Health and Safety Executive discovered that there wasn't a safe system of work being used, the work was not supervised, the truck driver had no training in lifting people and the work at height had not been planned. Therefore the company was prosecuted for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Health and safety training is simply a must for anyone working within the construction industry. There are many courses available for all levels of personnel, from the owners and directors to the labourers.

If you own your own business you have to understand how you can work to comply with the law in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Training will provide you with the knowledge you need to run a tight ship and reduce the risks.

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