NEBOSH? What's it all About?

Perhaps you might be wondering what does NEBOSH stand for and what services do they provide? NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is a charitable organisation founded in 1979 in the UK. The organisation is an examination board responsible for creating vocational qualifications for businesses across the UK, and globally. The main focus of its qualifications is Health and Safety, in an occupational setting.

NEBOSH itself is not a training provider, but rather a body established to set the standards and issue a range of certificates, diplomas and awards. Individual companies and educational establishments must apply for accreditation with NEBOSH in order to offer courses in a range of health and safety qualifications aimed at both general occupational health and specific areas (construction, fire risk management, environmental and oil and gas industry qualifications).

Available Qualifications from NEBOSH

The organisation offers three levels of qualification suitable to different roles within a company.


The basic level is an award, which demonstrates competence in the subject covered at a level suitable for a wide range of employees. The award is also a good starting point acting as a ‘foundation level’ qualification and a basic introduction to Health and Safety in a specific area.

NEBOSH Certificate

The Certificate, the next level up, is designed to create a much broader understanding of issues in a specific subject. This level is suitable for any employee but particularly suitable for managers or team leaders.

NEBOSH Diploma

Professional level knowledge is demonstrated in the Diploma level courses; these are more suited to higher level management, those with specific Health and Safety roles and responsibilities.

Who Provides the NEBOSH Training?

NEBOSH courses and qualifications are undertaken by over 400 different providers; when choosing a provider it’s imperative to ensure that they are accredited by the organisation.

NEBOSH Certification in Occupational Health and Safety, Construction Safety and Fire Safety are some of the most common, and popular qualifications, while the full range of NEBOSH courses are normally available from dedicated training providers.

Providers are closely monitored by NEBOSH to ensure that they are qualified to deliver the relevant courses to high standards.

Occupational Health and Safety

Basic occupational health and safety can be an important part of the day to day operation of any company, however big or small. For the small firm having in-house expertise to deliver training can be a challenge and by outsourcing to a professional, accredited firm, you can be sure that the standard of training is suitable.

The key benefit in good quality training is simply that your firm can be compliant at all levels with health and safety requirements; in addition NEBOSH courses are generally designed to foster good practice and positive attitudes to safety issues in whatever commercial setting they are required.

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