What is the CSCS Card?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Skilled Labourers Card is a type of card issued by the CSCS in the United Kingdom. The CSCS is a scheme that aims to improve skills and safety in the construction industry by ensuring that workers have the necessary training and qualifications for their specific roles. The Skilled Labourers Card is typically intended for individuals working in a labourer role within the construction industry. To obtain this card, individuals usually need to demonstrate that they have completed the relevant training and have the necessary qualifications for their role. This may include completing a health and safety awareness course and possibly other job-specific training.

It's important to note that information about certification schemes and their specific requirements can change over time. Therefore, for the most current and accurate information about the CSCS Skilled Labourers Card, we recommend checking the official CSCS website or contacting the CSCS directly for the latest details and requirements.

Types of CSCS Card

Skilled Labourers Blue CSCS Card

Blue cards are only issued to experienced workers who have completed the relevant training needed to fulfil their responsibilities on site safely and effectively. CSCS blue cards are valid evidence for the majority of site workers, however they are not usually enough for those overseeing the work of others.

Green CSCS Card

The green CACS card allows workers to perform tasks on sites at entry-level positions and is valid for 5 years. If they are working in any type of labouring environment, employed in the physical construction and/or destruction of a building setting and infrastructure, they can apply for the green CSCS Card.

Black CSCS Card for Managers

The Black CSCS card demonstrates that you have the skills, knowledge, experience and capability to manage in a construction environment. The only way to access a Black CSCS (manager level) card is to complete a Construction NVQ or SVQ.

Gold CSCS Card

The Gold CSCS card is intended for advanced craft and supervisors within the construction industry. If you achieve an NVQ/SVQ Level 3 for Advanced Craft or an Occupational Supervision or a Level 4 for Site Supervision, you will be eligible for a Gold CSCS.

Red CSCS Provisional Card

The Red CSCS Provisional Card will help the holder demonstrate that they have the health and safety knowledge required to fulfil the most basic of tasks on site. It also proves that the individual is serious about pursuing a career within the sector.

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