Accidents can be an Expensive Business

Risks in the construction Industry

The construction industry is full of risks that have to be carefully managed. Site supervisors and managers both have a responsibility to help manage a site and reduce the risks. Health and safety laws have to be followed and if there are any breaches you could be prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive. Accidents can leave workers injured for days, weeks, years and even their entire life time. Accidents can also be fatal. As a manager or supervisor the thought of having a workers injury on your conscience, or even the mourning of their family and friends should be enough to make you take health and safety seriously on site. However, this is sadly not often the case. Workers lives are being put at risk daily.

Injuries & Deaths Not Enough to Encourage H&S On-Site?

If the guilt isn't enough the thought of being fined might be. If you are suspected of breaching the laws and regulations you will be prosecuted. This will involve the possibility of large fines and court costs if you plead guilty or are found to be guilty in court. Not only will this be expensive you now will also have to pay the fee for intervention costs. The fees for intervention began in October 2012. The costs include the money that's spent to investigate the incident, paperwork and admin work and other costs that are incurred.

Finally the injured worker or their family could take you to court in a bid to be compensated for their injury. You will need to be prepared to fight your case and face expensive compensation fees, court fees and other associated costs. It's also worth thinking about the effect that a serious injury and court cases could have on your reputation, the business or your position in the company. With all these personal and financial risks it really does go to show how vital health and safety training is. Don't put your reputation, conscience or bank balance at risk.

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