Advance your Career in Occupational Health and Safety

Many people have heard of NVQ's. These are nationally recognised qualifications that can be of great benefit to your career and CV. If you are looking to improve your prospects at work, or are working towards a promotion an NVQ can help you to achieve your dreams. There are some excellent courses to choose from, and one that is extremely beneficial concentrates on health and safety training.

Level 5 Diploma in OHS

The Level 5 Diploma course in occupational health and safety is aimed at anyone that is already working in health and safety. The course involves the candidate building an in-depth portfolio that is built on experiences and exercises that take place within the workplace. That way it is possible to train whilst still making a living; a definite positive for many employees and their employers.

Employers gain from having their member of staff still present and available to carry out their usual tasks. They also gain from many of the assessments that are work based, so new health and safety schemes and ideas can be directly applied to improve the current policies and procedures.

Spread Out the NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety to Suit You

The beauty of NVQ's is that they are completely flexible. There is no need to wait to the start of a new term as you can start immediately. You can decide to complete the course and assessments within six months or spread it out to twelve months.

You will also receive excellent tuition and guidance from tutors that are available to be contacted by email or by phone. They will also visit you in your workplace on occasion to assess your progress. You will not have an exam to sit at the end of the training.

You will gain the qualification if you are able to produce an adequate portfolio show casing your skills. The level 5 course is advanced and will be an excellent step forward for both you and your employer. If you would like to take your experience in health and safety further the NVQ is an ideal option to make.

Earn while you learn and apply your new skills to your current workplace. Health and safety training opportunities will ensure that you're able to advance in your chosen career. Choose between numerous courses including NVQ's and distance learning.

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