Avoid Your Business Going Up in Flames

Could you cope with seeing your work premises go up in flames? How would you feel if one of your workers or the public were burnt while in your building? Fires are always a risk, and that is why fire risk assessments have to be conducted. A risk assessment can help to significantly reduce the risks by identifying the hazards and using the findings to introduce equipment and safe working methods that can eliminate those risks. If you don't know how to do the fire risk assessments NEBOSH has the ideal course for you.

Learning Fire Safety Management

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate delivers a lot of information and skills in just five days. By the end of the course candidates will be able to understand the legislation surrounding fire safety and have techniques that can reduce the risks within your workplace. If you have managers, supervisors or designated health and safety professionals working for you this is the perfect course that will complement their skills and further develop the health and safety within your organisation.

Course Content

  • What the main causes of fires and explosions are in the workplace
  • What measures can be introduced to reduce those causes and the risks
  • Understand how fires are investigated
  • Develop fire evacuation procedures to be used within your workplace
  • Advise on how to prevent the spread of fires
  • Advise on how to use fire protection
  • Fire risk assessment procedures and how they can be used to assess how effective current control measures are

Before your employees are awarded with the certificate they have to pass an assessment to make sure they have understood the training. The assessment is an assignment that will take place at your organisation. This is very useful in identifying areas where improvement is needed and many employers appreciate the help that is gained simply though the assignment process.

All successful candidates will gain the certification that is awarded by the National Board in Occupational Safety and Health. Never ignore the risks that are posed by fires. There are many ways to avoid the hazards and this course will ensure your team are able to prevent potentially deadly situations. Reduce the risks of fires in your workplace by sending your team on the NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

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