Do Your Managers Understand the CDM Regualtions?

The Construction Design and Management Regulations and approved code of practice is something that all construction managers need to be aware of. The Regulations came into force back in 2007 and the approved code of practice gives guidance that will help all mangers comply with the regulations.

The idea of the CDM 2015 in Practice is to incorporate health and safety within the entire management of each project. The idea is to ensure that everyone is working together when it comes to working safely.

Management and planning of projects can be greatly improved from the start, hazards are identified very early on so they can be eradicated through the planning, and it is also a good way of discouraging unnecessary bureaucracy.

Show Compliance and Train Your Managers

It is important to make sure that you dedicate enough time to the health and safety of each project, and this should be based on the risks and the difficulties that the project presents. Action is always needed to reduce risks, and this can work towards compliance with the law. It is however also important to produce productive paperwork and not just go into details that are not important to the outcome. By doing this you will be able to reduce unnecessary delays and create more precise costs involved and work out the expected completion date.

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