Do Your Qualifications Still Stand Up?

Many people are given adequate health and safety training once they start a new job. This training is designed to inform and educate the candidate and to make sure they work safely. Some of the training could be concerning how they go about their set tasks; other training may include specific skills that are required for the roles and duties that are now held by the candidate. However, many of the health and safety courses that are taken have a limited lifespan.

When certificates become invalid they will need to be retaken to update your knowledge and skills; checking that you are still competent in that area. There are several IOSH courses that provide you with a qualification with an expiry date, such as the IOSH Managing Safely, this qualification can be renewed by attending the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course.

If your employers don't update your training they could face prosecution from the Health and Safety Executive. There could be new techniques and new laws that need to be learnt and it's important that you are still aware of the correct procedures that could save lives.

Check the Certificate Expiry Dates

If you are unsure when your qualification runs out it's important to look on the certificate or paper work you were provided with when you passed. If you cannot find this information ask your employer for assistance. You should be aware of the expiry date and inform your employer when the expiry date is approaching so they have time to find you a suitable course.

Many of the can be renewed by attending a shorter course than the first one you attended. This often depends on whether you reapply before your current certificate runs out, or within a couple of weeks of it expiring.

If you leave it too late you could have to retrain for longer, costing your employer more money than they may have needed to pay. If you have any questions regarding how long your qualification will last, and what retraining is required after a set period we are here to help.

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