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IEMA is a leading professional body focused on the environment and sustainability. IEMA is based in the UK and provides training, research, resources and support to its members which number around 15,000 globally. Although the UK’s professional Institute for Environmental Management, IEMA recognises the global nature of the challenges facing the environment and the growing need for sustainability in every area of our lives and, as such, is also recognised across the world as a source of both information and advice.

The qualifications offered through IEMA are also recognised across the world as providing a benchmark in the field of environmental management and sustainability. IEMA members work closely with the UK government on issues relating to climate and environment and have been key in developing strategies to address the current climate change agenda. IEMA Membership requires a high level of training, competence and in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding both sustainability and management of the environment.

As part of the Society for the Environment, IEMA membership enables professionals to achieve Chartered Environmentalist status. The IEMA approves training providers to deliver accredited training that leads to qualifications recognised across the world as demonstrating a high standard of expertise in environmental and sustainability practice.

The future of the environment and the need for sustainability have become pressing issues in recent years and they are issues that affect every area of our lives. For industry and business, sustainable practices and good environmental management are, today, seen as essential. Apart from the clear need to protect the planet, business and industry are increasingly expected by their customers to be able to demonstrate excellent environmental credentials. Legislation, both domestic and international, is also creating new demands on even the smallest firms to comply with strict environmental regulations.

Whatever sector you are in and whatever size of company you run, IEMA can offer training and expertise to ensure that you comply with legislation and can demonstrate to your customers and partners that you are serious about the environment. This applies not just to the immediate company but also to the direct supply chains worldwide, every business and individual has a duty to help prevent the crisis the world could inevitably lead to if changes are not made to how we interact and use the world around us.

Hundreds of businesses around the world have stood up to help change things to become Planet Mark or carbon neutral accredited meaning they give back to ensure any environmental damage that could be caused in normal practise is reduced or removed entirely.

There are so many examples of people and company’s abusing nature for profit. In Kazakhstan the Aral Sea a huge body of water and the 4th largest lake in the world has completely vanished its entire biome gone due to the cotton production with its rivers that feed them being diverted for one reason or another bringing about one of the world’s worst environmental disasters. The accumulated affect for production of even every day things is staggering; we consume as a planet almost 27,000 trees a day just for toilet paper, this is why recycling is so important, if every issue of a days New York Times was recycled we would save 75,000 trees.

IEMA courses are wide-ranging and reflect the fact that environmental issues affect every area of our lives, including our working lives. The courses and training available through IEMA and its training partners are broadly split into six areas.

Who Should Take an IEMA Course?

Nobody can afford to ignore the hard facts of climate change and pollution. These are no longer issues that could happen, they already have. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from the training available from IMEA.

For businesses, environmental auditing, environmental management and sustainable practices are essential. The climate change emergency has focused the minds’ of governments across the world and legislation to tackle the crisis is increasing every day in every area of life. Businesses often find their practices at the forefront of legislation and consumers today are increasingly looking at a company’s credentials on the environmental front.

This atmosphere has led to rapid technological advances and to the development of many new sustainable ways in which to do business. However, without well trained and knowledgeable staff working in the environmental sector, your firm could easily be left behind its competitors. Simple issues such as packaging – plastic or more sustainable options – are driving customer decisions significantly. With access to experienced and well trained environmental management and sustainability professionals your company can ensure it stays ahead of the game.

For individuals IEMA courses offer a huge range of options when it comes to personal and professional development within the areas of environmental management and sustainability. Demand for skilled, well-trained staff in these fields has grown rapidly in the last decade and this trend is likely to continue on an ever-sharper curve. Whether you have professional experience already, are starting out in your career or would like to change direction in life, Environmental Management careers offer a huge opportunity.

The crisis is already here when it comes to the environment and in the coming years the emphasis is very likely to be on managing environmental and climate change, limiting impacts and finding new technologies and solutions to limit the consequences of climate change. Businesses will increasingly need access to individuals with the knowledge and skills to ensure that their own processes and products can meet strict targets. Individuals who can identify and implement solutions to environmental issues within a firm will be in high demand. Training with the IEMA, or becoming a member, will open up many opportunities for those passionate about the environment and seeking to work with this area.

IEMA training and qualifications are accessible to both businesses and individuals. Training partners can be found across the world and, as would be expected from the IEMA, sustainable ways to deliver training have long been a focus of the body. Whilst training centres are one route to IMEA qualifications, the majority of learning can be online or via distance learning programmes. Work based training options are available and easy for firms to implement. E-learning is possible in most cases with the IEMA and this offers an accessible way for individuals to develop their skills and qualifications. Applied learning and continuous development options are also available and suitable for those already undertaking roles within Environmental Management or sustainability.

IEMA Membership Training

IEMA Membership training requires individuals to sign up as members of IEMA and is suitable for those currently working in roles related to the environment or sustainability. The IEMA courses are designed to create career progression through development. Associate membership of the Institute can be gained by completing the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management.

Workforce Development Courses

Workforce Development IEMA courses are ‘grass-roots’ courses designed to be suitable for non-environmental members of staff. Good environmental practices need all staff to be aware of not only related processes but the fundamental importance of the environmental issues in the day to day running of a company. Workforce development course raise awareness and also up-skill your staff to ensure that your whole organisation is adhering to sustainable practices and environmentally sound.

Environmental Management Training

Environmental Management is a crucial area for all businesses today and implementing and designing Environmental Management Systems are core tasks in any organisation. IEMA offers world leading qualifications and training for those involved in this kind of work on a day-to-day basis.

IEMA courses focus on creating step by step approaches to management of environmental issues and, again, focus strongly on ISO standards. Having someone with training to be able to create environmental risk assessments means you can track the likelihood of the harm that can be caused to the environment from the business and reduce or even prevent the risks.

These kinds of assessments need to take place not just in regards to the planet but also the work area environment. Having procedures and the training in place that cover every part of the business from physical hazards, to cultural and social hazards.

Environmental Auditing Courses – IEMA Auditor

Environmental Auditing courses are aimed at developing skills from entry level to leadership in this area. IEMA offers courses designed to meet up with the criteria of international ISO standards and focuses on the most widely used standards to ensure participants develop the most relevant skill set by undertaking the courses.

Specialist and Leadership Courses

Specialist and Leadership courses offered by the IMEA are higher level courses aimed at those already professionally practising in the field of environmental management or sustainability. The specialist courses offer in depth study within specific fields.

Leadership courses are designed to develop skills, knowledge and also to engage managers and business leaders in good environmental practice. Wide ranging in their scope management courses are aimed at fostering understanding of legislation and again focus closely on ISO in business.

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