Flexible Environmental Management Training Options

Environmental management is one area of business that has been growing in recent years. All companies have a duty to ensure that they are complying with legislation and not harming the environment with their waste management systems. Therefore managers are being sent on recognised environmental courses to ensure they are up to speed on creating and managing systems put in place to avoid legal and ethical problems.

Flexible Environmental Management Training Options

Many employers are unable to spare the time for employees to attend face to face training courses, even for a couple of days. This is why the IEMA has created an online course that provides education and qualification despite all the hard work and course materials being offered online. These courses are known as e-learning opportunities and it's possible for employees to provide set times for the candidates to train within the workplace, or for the candidate to learn at home.

On the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course the candidates have six months to complete the training materials and take the assessment. Full tutor support of a qualified tutor is provided for those that enjoy having access to a professional to support the learning and answer any queries they may have about the course content in a timely fashion. The course also includes all course materials, the final assessment and the certificate.

Varied Learning Materials

Candidates who choose online training will learn though interactive learning materials that help to teach the syllabus effectively. There are case studies, quizzes, animations and other activities all of which are completed online.

While there is a time scale of six months in which candidates must complete the course, there are no limits on where and when the content must be worked on.

You could choose to study for an hour a day at work or three hours at home in the evenings. This flexibility is welcomed by many employers that want their employees trained to a high standard yet require them to be able to perform their usual duties. The IEMA course is perfect for those seeking IEMA membership as this is usually included in the course fee.

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