Is Your Waste Being Safely Disposed of?

Dealing with the waste your organisation produces is one part of environmental management that you need to keep a close eye on. Working on effective waste management can contribute to improving your impact on the environment, help you to comply with legislation, improve your reputation with eco-friendly buyers and save you money.

Do Your Research

The problem is you have to investigate how your waste is disposed. Not all companies follow the rules and laws. You cannot simply trust a company for their environmental waste management just because they have Green in their name, or Recycling.

It is down to you to pick the right company that actually do as they say they will. Back in 2010 a company called BCB Environmental management was fined after breaching two regulations in the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations.

The firm failed to comply with the law despite being hazardous waste specialists. They were found to be storing flammable liquid close to some electrical equipment that wasn't protected. Because of their failings the liquid was used in an arson attack on a business that was carried out by one of their former employees.

Look at Alternatives to Dangerous Chemicals

When you have to get rid of dangerous chemicals you need to ensure you are using a trusted and safe company. Do a little research into how they store the chemicals and how they will be disposed. Make sure that it is as eco-friendly as possible. If you are unable to find a suitable waste management company to work with you do have other options.

One of the ways to improve your impact on the environment is to make changes. You could seek out alternatives to the chemicals that are not as hazardous. You may even find ways of changing your operations to reduce the build-up of waste chemicals being produced.

Environmental courses can teach you a number of ways to stay in control of your waste production and disposal. Whether it's changing your working methods and equipment, finding suitable eco-friendly waste firms or introducing recycling you can make a difference and work to reduce your Co2 emissions.

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