Why Health and Safety Training is Important

Construction health and safety training such as the CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) course is extremely important for all construction businesses. If you are looking into training at the moment and are unsure of why it is necessary it's worth learning a little more about it.

There are more than 200 deaths caused at work in the UK, in addition to this there are one million people injured at work. You may also not be aware that over two million people suffer with poor health because of their work. So it is clear that health and safety is an area that needs your attention. The best way to help prevent accidents, injury, fatalities and ill health is by providing training and information to everyone.

The training will help to do everything possible when it comes to educating your employees about possible dangers and how to stay safe while they work. The other benefits of training will:

  • Ensure you are meeting your legal duty which demands you protect your employees
  • Teach you and your staff to manage health and safety effectively
  • Encourage your entire organisation to consider health and safety in their work so it becomes second nature

There are many other reasons why the training is essential. One of the most interesting to business owners besides protecting their employees is the potential to reduce expenditure and costs that are associated with injuries, accidents and fatalities at work. The right training can help to improve the competency of the staff that will in turn reduce the risks of ill health and distress, remove the risk of additional financial costs that occur after an incident such as court fines and costs, other legal fees, and damaged stock, premises and equipment to name just a few.

All Employees Have to Be Educated in Health and Safety

Everyone needs training in all industries, but the construction industry is regarded as one that has higher risks. Everyone on site needs to have training from the owners to the labourers but supervisors and managers especially have to have adequate training such as the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme. Supervisors have legal responsibilities to meet just as owners of the business do and the SSSTS course will provide excellent education to all candidates that in turn will benefit the entire company.

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