Work Related Stress

Managing the level of stress within your organisation is a difficult job, health and safety training in this area is essential. Work related stress is caused by many factors which includes poor work organisation, lack of attention to detail and inadequate job design. When an employee is finding it difficult to cope there can be some warning signs to look out for such as poor performance, absences, illness and even diseases caused from the stress levels.

How to Deal with Work Related Stress

There are a couple ways of helping to resolve the issues caused by work related stress. You may find it beneficial to give a diagnosis of the illness, provide treatment and offer rehabilitation. Sometimes this isn't enough, the job itself will need to be evaluated to see why it has failed and redesigned so as not to cause problems with other employees as well as the affected party. Health and safety training for managers and supervisors is the first step to ensuring your employees are not affected by stress caused directly from their work.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) believe that the Management Standards approach is able to introduce high levels of well-being and health within the organisations performance. This includes six key areas including:

  • The demands of the job such as the working pattern, the amount of work for an individual and the environment the work is performed within
  • The level of control the person has in how they work
  • The amount of support provided
  • Relationships including avoiding conflicts and unacceptable behaviours
  • Ensuring the employees fully understand their role and making sure there are no conflicting roles
  • Organisational change and communication at times of change

When concentrating on these areas it is possible to help reduce the amount the organisation needs to spend due to absences, training and rehiring. It will also protect employees from experience poor health caused by the unnecessary pressures of their job.

Handling stress at work is an excellent course to teach supervisors, managers and business owners vital skills to reduce work related stress and other problems. The benefits of this stress related training can be seen in improved well-being within the work place, positive attitudes and less stress arising from work and the working conditions.

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