Appointed Person for First Aid - Are You Ready for the Responsibility?

If you have been selected to be an appointed person by your employer you may wish to know what your role involves. By law every workplace has to have at least one appointed person and that person has the responsibility of administering first aid, reporting, recording and acting in the appropriate manner when someone falls ill or is injured.

After your employer carried out their first aid assessment they would have to pick someone to be the first aider and consequently provide that person with adequate first aid training in order to fulfil their role.

Extra Responsibilities Require Training

The role of appointed person does add extra responsibilities on the shoulders of those given the duties. However, with the right training and guidance it is possible to fill the role excellently and become more valuable to the company that you work for. The training doesn't take up a lot of your time, taking just one day to receive both theory and practical tuition. However your employer will need to find the right first aid course and check it is in line with the guidelines as set by the Health and Safety Executive to make sure you are operating within the laws and regulations.

One of the most suitable first aid courses to consider is the Emergency First Aid at Work course designed especially for appointed persons. The course will give you the basics on what you need to know such as how to assess and treat casualties that are bleeding, wounded, have broken or dislocated bones and joints or burns. You will also be shown how to manage a person that is unconscious and provide basic life support.

Additional First Aid Courses Available

There are other first aid courses worth considering such as the Automated External Defibrillator training and First Aid at Work. You have the opportunity to progress as a first aider and use it to gain higher levels of responsibility or improve your CV. Being the Appointed Person for First Aid is a worthwhile position to hold within an organisation. If you have been offered the role take a look at what's involved in the training and consider your options.

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