HACCP Food Safety Training

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is the approach which must be followed within the food and pharmaceutical industries to identify and control hazards from chemicals and biological sources.

Food Safety Training

The food safety courses which will provide you with skills and knowledge of the HACCP are the one day CIEH Level 2 Principles of HACCP or the Introduction to HACCP Level 2.

Learn the HACCP in One Day

During the one day training candidates are taught about the practical skills they will need in order to implement the HACCP within their work environment. You'll learn about the role the approach plays within the industry and the processes you'll have to follow. You will also leave knowing how to create, monitor and perform the systems required.

The CIEH Award helps in understanding the use of this system in a food business. It will guide food operators on food safety management and provides controls that ensure a safe food environment that protects consumers and satisfies external scrutiny by inspectors. If you pass you will be awarded with the CIEH Level 2 Principles of HACCP.

Alternative Training Courses to Consider

Another excellent course to consider for managers and business owners is the CIEH Level 3 Food Safety in Catering or the Level 3 Supervising Food Safety. These courses are indispensable if you are a business owner or a manager/supervisor of small, medium and large catering operations. The training provides a grounding in the things you need to know to achieve full compliance including waste disposal, pest control, cleaning and an overview of HACCP.

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