How to Manage Safely in the Workplace

Many jobs may not seem to have obvious risks, but that doesn't mean you can ignore health and safety laws. As an employer you must do everything possible to keep workers healthy and safe while working for you. Even if you are not present in the workplace the duty still lies with you to ensure your managers are properly trained to enforce health and safety policies. If you need to train up your staff one of the excellent courses to consider is provided by the IOSH.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have created the IOSH Managing Safely certificate. This qualification is suitable for both managers and supervisors and will be greatly beneficial for your organisation. The syllabus includes a wide range of important topics and includes many important skills and techniques that are required in any workplace such as:

  • The production of risk assessments. The risk assessments have to ask questions such as who is at risk, what the risks are, what steps are in place to reduce the risks and what more can be done. Once a risk assessment is in place it needs to be recorded and shared with those who are carrying out the tasks.
  • The importance of recognising what the risks are in the workplace.
  • What ergonomic factors can lead to health problems and how they can be avoided.
  • How to add to management strategies.
  • How to create, organise and implement the actions that will meet with the health and safety objectives.

If you have managers that you need training you have the choice of sending them on the course at a local training centre or providing the option for online learning. You must provide time within the usual working hours and some employers choose to dedicate hours in the working day for their employees to complete the online training.

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