Managing Safely with the Best Employees on Your Team

One of the ways you can work to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations is to train your managers to a competent level. It is up to you to find the time in the working week to provide adequate training, such as an IOSH course. It may seem like an expense you could do without but there are several benefits to consider.

Work Within the Law

As an employer you have the legalities of running a business to consider. By law you have to make sure that the people in your organisation are suitably trained to perform their role.

All employees need a basic level of health and safety training, but managers, supervisors and other senior level personal will need to be trained up to their level of responsibility.

By not providing training and allowing your organisation to be poorly managed when it comes to the health and safety of all employees and potentially the public could result in prosecution.

If the HSE decide to prosecute you or the company you face intervention fees, fines, court costs and the damage that could result of the charges. You may find your customers and clients no longer want to work with you.

Legalities aside there are further benefits to you too. Accidents and poor health cost businesses millions of pounds each year in the UK. There are the absences, sick pay, replacing staff, compensation pay-outs, retraining new staff and the cost of hiring new people. This can add up to a huge amount and this is another reason why spending a small amount of money on training your managers is certainly a beneficial business expense.

Excellent Training Options

IOSH provide excellent training options for managers, such as the IOSH Managing Safely course. The training is suitable for anyone in a supervisory position and includes excellent elements such as:
  • Finding hazards in the workplace
  • Risk assessments
  • Control measures
  • Health and safety objectives
  • Ergonomic factors
  • Managing practices and principles

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