Three Tips for Construction Site Safety

Courses such as the CCNSG will teach basic skills for health and safety in construction and engineering industries. Health and safety is an essential part of everyday life on a construction site, therefore it cannot be overlooked. If you are in charge of site safety you must be aware of your responsibilities regarding providing adequate training and controlling risks.

Three Tips for Site Supervisors

All areas of work require health and safety monitoring, risk assessments and the introduction of control measures and safe systems of work. Here are just three areas that are under your control.

Managing Crowded Work Areas

You have to train all those on the site that they need to be aware of their placement at all times. When excavations are taking place the crowd needs to be a safe distance away from the edge in case the earth caves in. If vehicles are present on site you have to ensure they are kept separate from pedestrians to prevent collisions.

Are Your Employees Operating Machines Safely?

One of the basic rules on site needs to be the use of seat belts and safety harnesses when operating machinery and vehicles. Sadly many workers think it is okay to hop into a machine and move it without securing their seatbelt first and this results in many accidents. Train your employees that the safety belts have to be used even when the operator only plans to be in the machine for a brief period.

Avoiding the Load

When materials are unloaded all employees have to be aware of what they can and can't do. It can be easy to overload the weight capacity of machines. Furthermore it is also easy to stand underneath loads while they are being shifted. Both of these increase the risk of injury dramatically. If you are concerned about the lack of health and safety knowledge and common sense on your site you need to address the issue. Ignoring these problems can result in prosecution, fines and even a prison sentence. Provide training for all workers, such as the CCNSG Safety Passport and help to introduce a strong health and safety culture within your team.

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