Essential First Aid Training

First aid is an essential part of the workplace. When you're responsible for the health and safety of your employees and any visitors entering your premises you need to be prepared for all eventualities. This is why companies will have an appointed person who has the necessary skills to help step up in emergency situations and offer first aid while waiting for the emergency services arrive.

You Must Be Prepared for Emergencies

Small offices can get away with having a simple first aid kit on the premises and having one appointed person, and larger organisations may need more than one to ensure there are trained persons available throughout the working times of day. This will cover absences as well as shift work. It is then the duty of the employees to inform their staff about the first aid arrangements in place so everyone knows who to go to, and what needs to be done in a medical emergency or incident.

Vital Skills and Knowledge

When looking for a suitable first aid course you should ensure there are many different situations and problems which are discussed. The appointed person should know what to do if a person is burnt or scolded, when it's necessary to call the emergency services and how to report and record any incidents which occur.

There are some excellent first aid courses to choose from which will provide a complete education which is in line with the Health and Safety Executive Guidelines. The First Aid at Work course is ideal and provides successful candidates with a certificate to prove their competence which is valid for three years. After three years a first aid re-qualification course can be taken to ensure the first-aider is up-to-date with the latest methods and information.

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