The Importance of Safety on Construction Site

In some businesses health and safety can be easily managed and monitored. Take a small office based business for example; there is very little risk involved in the work being undertaken.

While health and safety is still a top priority in a small office it is fair to say the construction industry has many more risks and hazards that present themselves on a daily basis. Health and safety on a construction site literally can mean the difference between life and death.

Workers face extreme hazards in their work and sadly when the health and safety isn’t managed and maintained this can lead to fatalities through accidents and even disease. This is why the construction industry is a main contributor to the amount of occupational fatalities in the UK, with working at height causing major issues.

How to Improve Your Health and Safety

Without knowledge of the laws regarding health and safety it is impossible to comply with them. The Health and Safety Executive will prosecute anyone found to be in breach of the laws and regulations and therefore to prevent legal action and injuries/fatalities you first need to be educated. There are many health and safety courses that will give you the knowledge and the skills you need to maintain good health and safety standards within your business. The courses come in different forms and are built for different personnel from the owners and directors to managers, supervisors and labourers.

Which Courses in Health and Safety are the Most Popular?

There are many health and safety course providers, all of whom are respected, including IOSH, CITB, NEBOSH and ECITB. In construction some of the most popular courses are provided by the CITB. The CITB works together with the Construction Industry Council and the Construction Skills Northern Ireland to deliver skills and training. Two of their most popular courses are the site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme and the Site Management Safety Training Scheme.

The supervisor scheme is suitable for supervisors and those who are given supervisory responsibilities. It lasts for two days and is available all over the country. The qualification is accredited and recognised throughout the industry making it a popular choice for employees. Managers take the managers course. The site managers qualification lasts for five days and again it is a highly respected and useful course which teaches excellent skills and provides knowledge on legal responsibilities and regulations. These two courses are excellent choices and will help to ensure strong health and safety on your construction sites.

Health and Safety on Construction Site

Need to learn more? Research health and safety on construction site and find suitable health and safety courses to ensure the best management skills are applied.

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