Manage the Ergonomic Factors to Improve Productivity

There are plenty of risks found in the everyday offices all over the UK. These risks may not be as life threatening as those found in construction or agriculture, but they are still present and need managing. By law it's essential to control hazards and risks which you can do on your own and with the help of competent people within your workforce, such as managers and supervisors.

Training is essential to avoid problems with breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and for keeping your employees safe while they work for you. It's not all about reducing the risks of injuries, you have a duty to try and control potential health issues too. In offices many of these are caused by ergonomics in the workplace. Managing these can be difficult but with the right training you will have a better idea on what the risks are, how to reduce and control hazards and see positive results in the health and productivity of your team.

The IOSH Managing Safely course will provide you with information and skills that will improve the way you manage problems caused by ergonomics and your health and safety policy as a whole.

Health Issues Cost You Money

Ergonomic factors include the type of furniture being used, the way workstations are set out, lighting and work processes and human factors too. Some people may experience pains and strains while others find themselves suffering with eye pain, headaches and stress. All of these problems can cost the company money and so it's a good idea to get on top of the problem as quickly as possible.

Whether you are driven by improving the working environment for your employees or because you want to save money ergonomics is important to focus on. Learn more about managing health issues as well as other health and safety objectives on the IOSH Managing Safely course. You gain many skills as well as a certificate that is recognised throughout the UK and proves that the holder has received quality training.

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