Health and Safety in the Office with IOSH Training

The Health and Safety Executive are currently looking at making changes to some of the laws regarding the self-employed and the law. An independent report highlighted that there seemed to be little need for some low risk self-employed individuals to be concerned over certain laws as they did not pose a threat or risk to anyone.

Many businesses feel they are low risk but sadly there are many risks found in even the quietest offices which is why health and safety training is often required. If you employ people you will still need to be concerned over the health and safety within your office.

Health of Office Workers

The threats come in different forms, but one common one is to the health of office workers who spend a lot of time sitting down in front of computers. Strains and stress put on the body and eyes can result in all sorts of health problems and these will need to be properly addressed to avoid prosecution and even pay-outs in compensation.

While the Risks are Low they Still Need to be Controlled

One of the suitable IOSH courses to consider for low risk office environments is the IOSH Managing Safely course. This is ideal for helping business owners and their managers to understand their legal duties to workers within the organisation.

One of the excellent topics covered is how to produce risk assessments to highlight health and safety risks. Using risk assessments is a great way of discovering ways to deal with the risks and reduce them effectively. You may need to look at ergonomic factors and ensure that the workstations and chairs are suitable.

Common Worker Health Issues

Many workers have serious back problems due to poor chairs and seating arrangements. By performing risk assessments and talking to your employees it is possible to find effective solutions to reduce and eliminate physical conditions such as headaches, arm and upper limb pains, repetitive strain injuries, eye pain and back pain. As an employer it is your duty to take all of this into account and do everything possible to help solve these problems.

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