IOSH Working Safely for Your Employees

In just one day it's possible to have staff trained in the basic introduction to health and safety in the workplace. The one day IOSH Working Safely course will make your employees more aware of their own actions and how they are able to reduce the risks in the workplace by being aware of their own responsibilities.

Provide Training to Your Employees to Reduce the Risks

As an employer it's your legal duty to do everything possible to reduce the risks to your employees safety and health. One of the best ways to do this is by offering training on all levels and introducing effective health and safety policies and safe methods of work. At the very basic end of the scale the working safety course is the perfect course for all new employees entering your organisation.

You can choose to send your employees to a training centre for the course or by offering it online. All of your employees you send on the IOSH course will be able to receive an accredited certificate from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

In order to pass they will need to complete the course materials and complete a twenty minute short answer test. This is a closed book test so no course content can be consulted to find the answers for the multiple choice questions. There is also a hazard spotting exercise which will need to be completed.

A Strong Health and Safety Culture in Your Organisation

By the end of the IOSH Working Safely course your employees will be able to help you and your health and safety managers by being aware of their own activities and understand how to follow the health and safety policy in place. They will be able to assist managers with the task of preparing any written risk assessments and by evaluating hazards in the workplace. You will gain by showing compliance with legislation by ensuring your employees are well trained in the basics of health and safety. Your staff can work together creating a strong health and safety culture.

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