Learn in the Comfort of Your Own Home

A small investment in your own future can lead to many doors being opened. If you would like to improve your CV and find a new job or career there are many choices open to you. One of the areas that are excellent for anyone to undertake is health and safety training.

For a small investment it is possible to learn skills in managing health and safety at work from your own home. The advantages of training from home are many. You have the option to complete the course at your own pace. If you would like to speed through the course you can, or you can spread out the training over a period of six months. During that time you will still have access to a qualified tutor plus all the online materials you need to help you gain the knowledge and pass the course.

Learn at a Time to Suit You

By training at home you are able to work in the day or the night. If you are already working the flexible course allows you to work around your own routine. This is far more suitable for many people who cannot get time off work, or who don't want to inform their current employer of their personal training. The IOSH Managing Safely can be assigned to managers by their employers too. If you feel the health and safety within your organisation is lacking it's worth raising your concerns with your employees. They have a legal duty to provide training and ensure their employees are not put at risk. By sending you on a training course they can benefit from:
  • An excellent manager able to assist them with the management of health and safety
  • Less chance of being prosecuted for health and safety breaches
  • The ability to show the HSE that their manager has adequate training
  • Excellent health and safety management to reduce costs as a result of accidents or poor health at work

The e-learning course can be completed at work on the work computers or at home on a suitable handheld device or laptop. Whether you want to pay for your own training or want your employer to support your health and safety training it is worth considering the IOSH course.

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