Play a Bigger Role in Managing Health & Safety in Construction

Construction is such a dangerous industry. Health and safety is something that needs to be focused on each and every day. Those working in the industry need to make the systems and measures required to reduce risks part of their overall working responsibilities and work together to help make the site a safe and healthy place to work.

In order to do this every person on the site must have health and safety training to some degrees.

The NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH International Construction Certificate is an option for those who have a level of responsibility on the site. The course provides a lot of information about the basics of health and safety. The aim is to provide ways of learning about the implications actions and steps can have for everyone and how decisions can make a difference between accidents occurring or everyone leaving work safely and unharmed at the end of the day.

Three Units and a Heap of Valuable Information

The course is split into three units. These units focus on one core element at a time, which are: managing health and safety, controlling hazards in construction and the practical application of construction health and safety. Each unit covers smaller sized topics that build a strong understanding for the overall core element. You will look at controlling hazards in various working conditions, the laws and investigation processes.

The final unit gives you a chance to get hands on and put what you've learnt into practice. This involves performing a safety inspection and writing up your findings in a report. It's excellent practice for when you get back to work and start applying everything you've learnt into a real life situation. You will leave the training ready to help maintain the health and safety policy, and contribute to the site and the firm with your new found skills.

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