Reducing Risk in the Workplace

Every work environment within each industry sector has its own specific risks and dangers which must be monitored to maintain a standard of safety. Businesses need to consider the risks that are inherent in their work environment before assessing how they can work to reduce them to protect and promote the well-being of staff and visitors.

There are many ways that businesses can monitor and reduce risk in the workplace. By investing in health and safety measures and course material, you can provide your staff with the relevant information which they can implement into their normal working day to minimise risk. Health and safety is a vital component of any business model which can affect other areas of the company if not maintained.

This post will examine several ways in which you can reduce the overall level of risk in your business to create a safer working environment for your staff and visitors.



Training is a crucial part of any business as this is the foundation of good working practice and business success. By training your staff in all aspects of their role you will ensure that they understand their position and how to carry it out safely and effectively. An important aspect of each staff member’s role is complying with health and safety legislation; although different staff members are responsible for implementing varying degrees of safety.

There are many courses available which are designed specifically to teach different members of staff about the laws and regulations surrounding health and safety, whilst also giving them the knowledge to understand how to abide by and implement measures to create a safe working environment.

Training schemes such as the IOSH Working Safely course provide employees with information which is designed to help them understand their responsibilities in the workplace and to work closely with others in maintaining safe levels of working.

Safety Procedures

Another way of reducing risk within the workplace is to implement safe working practices which are designed to minimise danger to staff and visitors. By performing risk assessments, notifying dangers and communicating with others on health and safety matters, you should be able to evaluate the severity of risks and find a way of minimising their effect on the work environment.

Safety procedures provide staff members with the knowledge and understanding of how they can complete their daily tasks without causing risk to themselves or those around them. What’s more, by giving employees procedures to follow, they should be able to work safely whilst reporting and dealing with incident in the correct manner if they do occur. It is vital that your organisation has a health and safety policy which is specific to your needs as this will help you to reduce risk in your workplace.

There are many ways that a business can reduce the risks and dangers which are inherent in their work environment. Training schemes like the IOSH work to provide staff with the relevant information to help them create and maintain a safe workplace.


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