Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. These accidents cost businesses huge amounts of money each year in compensation, absences, covering staff and extra training. They also result in physical injuries for those involved and can result in life changing conditions. Health and safety training helps to raise awareness of the dangers and hazards, and can reduce the risks of this type of accident from occurring in your company.

Slips and Trips and the Law

The law states that employers must ensure their workers and any visitors are kept safe. To comply with the law slips, trips and falls must be controlled. Safety equipment must be provided and all products provided by manufacturers must be in good safe working condition. Employers must assess all possible risks and action must be taken if necessary. You can find out more about your legal duties by consulting the:

As an employee you can control the risks by making sure floors are kept clean and clear from possible obstructions. You can also provide training, such as the affordable slips, trips and falls online training course.

What's Covered on the Online Course?

The slips, trips and falls course content can be learnt in approximately 60 - 80 minutes, making it easy to fit into the working day without too much disruption. The material includes discussing why slips, trips and falls are concerns for everyone and what the law is regarding these issues.

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