Course Subject: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), founded in 1883 and granted a Royal Charter in 1984, is a distinguished professional membership organisation and registered charity in the United Kingdom. With a primary mission to promote and safeguard public and environmental health, the CIEH plays a crucial role in advancing the theory and practice of environmental health.

Committed to maintaining high professional standards, the CIEH offers various membership levels, ranging from student to honorary fellow. Its membership base includes a diverse range of professionals, such as environmental health practitioners, educators, researchers, and policymakers.

A core function of the institute is the provision of education and training for environmental health professionals. The CIEH offers courses and qualifications covering a broad spectrum of topics, including food safety, health and safety, environmental protection, and public health. Through these initiatives, the institute aims to ensure that individuals and communities have access to a healthy and safe environment.

In addition to its focus on education, the CIEH engages in advocacy efforts to influence policies and practices that contribute to public and environmental health. This involves active collaboration with government bodies, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to shape decision-making processes and contribute to the development of effective health and safety standards.

The CIEH is also recognised for its role in producing valuable publications and resources. These materials disseminate information on best practices, research findings, and regulatory updates within the field of environmental health. Furthermore, the institute extends its impact globally by participating in international collaborations, sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices on a broader scale.

cieh - chartered institute of environmental health


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