Can You Learn Health and Safety Online?

You may think that health and safety has to be taught in a classroom environment. There are many courses that do demand a personal presence in a classroom setting, but there are a few that allow you to learn from a distance. The IOSH Managing Safely course is one of the courses that give you a more flexible way to learn and become qualified with a nationally recognised certificate.

How Can You Learn From Home?

The Managing Safely course has been specially designed for those who want to learn from the comfort of their home. The course comes with all the course materials delivered online, everything you need is available 24/7 thanks to a computer with an internet connection. You simply log in and all the materials you need will be there for you. If you want to study at midnight, you can. If you want to study at the weekend, you can do that too. The course is so flexible it's possible to keep working and earning a living while you train. Simply go to work as usual and find time in your free time to complete the training.

What is the IOSH Managing Safely Course?

Managing Safely is for managers who need to know how to cope with the responsibilities of health and safety. To meet their responsibilities managers and supervisors need to know what the law is, what their legal duties are and the skills needed to perform their duty.

Managing Safely gives the knowledge and the managerial skills that are required. The IOSH Managing Safely course content looks at how to manage and control risks and identify hazards. The course also looks at the responsibilities of the managers and supervisors, ensuring they are aware of what could happen if they fail to comply with the law when managing.

There is also a section of the course dedicated to protecting the environment and learning how to measure performance. Learning from home is suited to those who need to keep working but require further training in health and safety.

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