Careless Managers Cost Lives – Taking the Lead

Take Responsibility for Health and Safety

If you own or run a business then you need to take responsibility for health and safety. As a manager or proprietor you are ultimately accountable for the health and safety of your workforce. If you are failing to take the lead when it comes to health and safety standards then you could be putting yourself and your employees at risk.

Why Bother with Health and Safety?

You should never overlook the importance of health and safety to business. Every year over two million people across the world are killed and more are injured directly as a result of health and safety failings in the workplace. This is an unacceptable figure, and it is only thanks to the efforts of health and safety legislation and bodies like the Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH) that it is not even higher.

Health and safety legalisation is not put in place to be annoying. Instead it offers a set of clear guidelines about how you could make your workplace safe for your employees. Health and safety guidelines help to reduce risks and eliminate potential hazards. This can dramatically increase the safety of working environments and reduce the risks of accidents that could result in injuries or fatalities. With the right health and safety measures in place you could be literally saving lives.

How Can Managers Improve?

The first step to improving health and safety in the workplace is training. There are lots of excellent IOSH courses available. These will provide the essential training and knowledge that managers will need to take the lead when it comes to health and safety. You can also train to become a qualified Health and Safety Advisor . This means you would be able to offer expert in-house guidance on health and safety and ensure your business is staying on top of the latest legislation.

Take Action

It is never too late to start improving health and safety standards in your business. As a manager or proprietor it is up to you to take the lead and put improvements in place. There is plenty of training and information available online and from IOSH to get you started. Improving health and safety does not have to cost your business a lot of money.

Many measures are simply common-sense and you will be able to reduce risks and eliminate hazards without making any big changes to the way you work. In the long run you will be making your business more commercially and financially viable by investing in improving health and safety standards. Millions of pounds are lost in the UK alone due to accidents and injury at work.

By reducing risks and improving health and safety you can make your business more robust and provide a safe working environment for all. To find out more about improving working environments get in touch today. This expert advice can help you take the lead on health and safety and improve the standards at your workplace.

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