Get the Passport to a New Job in the Construction Industry

Do you want to help secure work in the construction industry? Finding work can be tough but it is even tougher getting a foot in without the right training or qualifications. Labourer work can be found but you will need to show that you are aware of health and safety and therefore training will help to give you the edge, especially if you gain the CCNSG safety passport.

The CCNSG is nationally accredited and is often a set requirement by companies that are looking to hire new workers. Holders of the passport are able to show that they have been able to act in a way that will not cause harm to themselves or to others. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in and that is why health and safety training is so essential.

Awareness and CCNSG Training

Not only does the passport help to keep you safe while working, it will also be of benefit all other workers on the site. Furthermore it will help to prevent your new employers from being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive, ensuring that their policy and procedures are up to date. It will also protect you by giving you some awareness of when you could be put in danger. On the CCNSG course you will study to obtain the following learning outcomes:
  • Be able to explain the health and safety laws
  • Outline safe working practices for scaffolding and access, excavations and exiting
  • Define the COSHH
  • Define personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Know and explain manual handling theories
  • Know, explain and understand the fire precautions and the procedures
  • Describe the procedures for first aid and accidents
  • Understand the regulations for using heavy machinery and cranes

All of this is achieved in two days worth of training under the instruction of professional tutors. Passing requires full attendance and successful completion of a multiple choice exam. If you plan on attending a course you will need to bring some form of photo ID along with your National Insurance number. You will then be provided with a temporary passport so you can apply for work while you wait for the safety passport to arrive from the ECITB.

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