Planning Health and Safety on the Construction Site

When you undertake training such as the NEBOSH Construction Certificate you will learn all about the safety issues that are faced in the construction industry on a daily basis.

One of the elements of health and safety in construction is the need to prepare well for the work ahead. All of the issues have to be planned for, organised and controlled as well as monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Training will prepare you for such work and help you to manage the site adequately.

Health and Safety Management Skills are Necessary

All those who have a level of responsibility over the site have responsibilities in planning and managing construction sites safely. The conditions of the site must be evaluated before any work commences to reduce the risks. In order to do this planning and organisation skills are required, as well as a good knowledge on how to spot hazards and potential problems before any issues arise. It doesn't matter if you are a self-employed builder or the supervisor of a huge construction firm, the same rules apply. Once the site has been set up for the initial work, it has to be monitored throughout the progress of the work as different health and safety risks may arise.

It could be due to the introduction of new machinery or equipment, vehicles on the site, more workers or different stages of the development. Construction sites constantly change and therefore it is never suitable to simply ignore health and safety once work has begun, monitoring is essential.

Learn About the Planned Work and the Site Location

When planning the work you need to gather as much information as possible. Consider who you will be working with, what people are involved and the equipment that will be used. You will also need to learn about the site and discover is there are any dangerous or hazardous materials present, where the power lines and underground services are, what other activities are going on at the site and the location surrounding it.

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